UNASUR Bienal call for curatorial projects

The Board of the International Contemporary Art Biennial of South America invites to submit proposals to participate in the collateral program of this Biennial to be held in the last quarter of 2017. The originality, relevance and transdisciplinary nature of the research curatorial projects will be key factors in the selection of the winning contestants.

In accordance with their distinctive features and potential convergences, the projects selected will be either executed in a location to be defined or integrated into the general curatorial scheme. The projects thus selected as well as the final list of works and/or participants will be conducted with the assistance of the Board of the Biennial and with whoever is appointed so
that the proposal takes into account the architectural characteristics and the contexts and use of the venues, among other considerations.

The proposals have to be included in the scope of contemporary art and culture theories. They must also include a program of activities with a view to creating a new space for reflection on the subject proposed. No restrictions to the proposals are established in this stage. Special attention will be paid to their theoretical and critical formulation, their curatorial concept, and the selection of artists and works or projects.


The curators may enter the contest individually or in groups. If the proposal is authored by a group, a representative has to be appointed as a mediator. Each author cannot submit more than one project, which has to be unpublished and to allow for the participation of at least two artists or collaborators.

Information Required (in PDF)

Personal information:
a) Name, address, mobile phone number and email address
b) Curriculum Vitae (maximum 600 characters with space)
c) ID or passport copy

Curatorial project (maximum 8000 characters with space):
The project must be preferably in Spanish, or else in Portuguese or in English.
a) Title
b) Abstract (maximum 500 characters with space)
c) Conceptual summary, fundamentals of the work, justification (maximum 8000
characters with space)
d) Detailed presentation of the project
e) List of artists and/or participants (including nationality and date of birth) and a list of the works/projects proposed
f) Digital image of each work or sketch in .jpg format, 1024 x 768 pixels, 72 DPI.

The title of the digital file has to be the same as that of the work or sketch of the project.

In the case of works in video format, contestants have to upload a link to the complete work in .mpeg, .wmv or .avi format of a minimum size of 320 x 240 pixels, and two fixed video images of 1024 x 768 pixels in .jpg format.

In the case of works to be displayed in the exhibition venue, contestants have to submit a description of the projects of no more than a letter size sheet, as well as plans, sketches, scale models, drawings, illustrations, videos or any other support material, all of them in digital format of the size specified above.

Specific features of the publication/s to be included in the exhibition.
A cost estimate for the production of the exhibition including the shipping of works and/or the travel expenses of artists from their place of residence to Buenos Aires. Production funding needs. Space requirements. Specific technical requirements. Publication. Curatorial fees.

Deadline for the presentation of projects July 1st, 2016. No projects will be received after this date.

Submission of documentation

The documentation has to be submitted in PDF exclusively and simultaneously to the following address: bienalunasurproyectos@bienalunasur2017.org


The projects, which have to be written in Spanish, will be exclusively developed for the 2017 South America Biennial.


The projects will be assessed by the following board of specialists: Hans Ulrich Obrist (Switzerland), Tadeu Chiarelli (Brazil), Estrella de Diego (Spain), Christian Boltanski (France), Jose Roca (Colombia), Elvira Dyangani Ose (Equatorial Guinea), Ticio Escobar (Paraguay), Ernesto Ottone (Chile), Diana Wechsler (Argentina).

The Board of the Biennial and its advisory committee will be responsible for the final selection.

The judges will select the winning projects and their decision will not be subject to appeal. The criteria for the evaluation of the proposals will take into account the quality and originality of the research project.

The decision of the jury will be made public by August 30th, 2016, and communicated to all the contestants by email.

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