Qalandiya International (Qi) is a collaboration between the most prominent cultural institutions in Palestine focusing on contemporary art.

Qalandiya International

Archives Lived and Shared

22 October–15 November 2014

The unique art coalition of Qalandiya International is an attempt to pool resources and work collectively towards showcasing and promoting contemporary culture in Palestine both locally and internationally. This is Palestine’s most daring and most promising cultural statement on the global stage.

Archives Lived and Shared

Through the activities of artists, writers, thinkers and curators, Qi aims to begin a process of re-writing histories through reflection and questioning in which archives are not perceived as a repository of knowledge but as a tool for us all to shape our understanding and relationships to our pasts, the present and our shared futures as embodied in practices of daily life. We start through movement, crisscrossing the landscape, with all the challenges such ventures entail with exhibitions, talks and interventions, to begin a process in which archives are opened up to become a lived and shared experience.


23 October to 15 November
Al Bireh: Introduction to Palestinian Museums
Curated by Jack Persekian & Yasmine Sabbagh-Eid
Organized by The Palestinian Museum at the Al-Bireh Cultural Center

23 October to 15 November
Ramallah: Suspended Accounts – The Young Artist of the Year Award (YAYA) 2014
Curated by Viviana Checchia
Organized by A.M. Qattan Foundation at the Ramallah Municipal Theatre

23 October to 15 November
Ramallah: MinRASY Projects & Museum of Manufactured Response to Absence (MoMRtA) Curated by Ala Younis
Organized by MinRASY Projects at the Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center

24 October
OFF Qalandiya, Recounting of the Past, Present and Future
Curated by Alia Rayyan and Yazid Anani
Organized by Palestinian Art Court – Al Hoash, Al-Bireh Municipality Cultural Center

24 October to 7 November
Jerusalem: Fractures – The Jerusalem Show VII
Curated by Basak Senova
Organized by Al-Ma’mal in 12 locations in the Old City of Jerusalem

25 October
Jerusalem: Unmade Film, book reading with Uriel Orlow and Andrea Thal
The Jerusalem Show VII
Organized by Al-Ma’mal at the Swedish Christian Study Center

25 October
Al-Bireh: Culture of Resistance, The Journal of Arab Studies
Organized by Al Hoash − the Palestinian Art Court at the International Art Academy Palestine

25 October to 7 November
Jerusalem: film screenings − The Jerusalem Show VII
Curated by Yazid Anani (Palestine), Anne Barlow (Scotland / US), Branko Franceschi (Croatia) and Basak Senova (Turkey)
Organized by Al-Ma’mal at the African Community Club

26 October
Before and After – Tour to Hebron, Yatta and Adh Dhahriyeh
Contributors: Michel Salameh, Khuloud Najjar, Khaldun Bshara, and Ruba Salim
Organized by Riwaq

27 October
Al Bireh: exhibition and event: Disarming Design curated by Annelys Devet and Sami Khalidi + Cook and Talk – The International Academy of Art, Palestine
Exhibition opening: Outside the Archive by Ramallah Municipality

28–30 October
Al-Bireh: Symposium: “Qalandiya Encounters”

29 October
Ramallah: public intervention opening: Mapping Procession
Curated by Rula Khoury – Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center

30 October
Gaza: Blocus, performance by Jonathan Loppin, The Jerusalem Show VII – Al Ma’mal with the partnership of the French Institute Jerusalem / France, and Gallery 180 city of Rouen

31 October
Ramallah: film screening: The Wanted 18 by Amer Shomali – A.M Qattan Foundation

1 November
Haifa: Exhibition opening: Manam
Curated by Rula Khoury, The Arab Cultural Association and Al-Mashghal – Arab Centre for Culture and Arts

2 November
Jerusalem: exhibition opening: Recounting of Past, Present and Future: Imagery – Beyond Oblivion and Remembering and Recall
Curated by Alia Rayyan – Al Hoash

3 November
Birzeit: exhibition opening: If I were a Patriot
Curated by Yazid Anani

Image: Mohamed Harb, Video still from (Presence absence). © Mohamed Harb 2014. Courtesy Qalandiya International

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