The theme of 2011 Chengdu is intended to express how the garden city represents visible spatial change while duration indicates those spatially invisible layers of culture and art which play such a basic role within urban space.


“Changing Vistas: Creative Duration”

29. Sept. – 30. Oct. 2011

Three theme exhibitions: Pure Views: Contemporary Art Exhibition, The Solutions: International Design Exhibition, Holistic Realm: International Architecture Exhibition and Conference Center Exhibition are installed to show comprehensively in contemporary art fields of painting, sculpture, installation, video, interior design, architecture design and fashion design.

Pure Views: Contemporary Art Exhibition is organized around a twinned theme of “Changing Vistas: Creative Duration”. One of three theme exhibitions of 2011 Chengdu Biennale, this contemporary international art exhibition addresses the transformation of Chengdu into a “garden city” by focusing on the traditional consciousness present within contemporary Chinese art, and its latent approval in the way in which China’s contemporary art is understood within contemporary Chinese art theory and the new explanatory modes available within art criticism.

Contemporary Art Exhibition is curated by the art historian and critic Lv Peng, and its title is drawn from the classic painting Pure Views Remote from Streams and Mountains by the renowned Southern Song dynasty scholar painter Xia Gui. This exhibition presents works across three major platforms denoted in the commentary on Xia Gui’s masterpiece: “Pure streams: flowing in abundance, tempering the soul”; “The mountains are remote: eternally massive, presenting the limits and perspectives of distance”; and “Alternate paths: human efforts, interchange, and passages”.

The location: East Chengdu·Music Park, formerly the site of Chengdu Red Ray Electric Tube Factory, covers more than 62 acres. It is the only reserved old industrial workshop area after the east transference of Chengdu “Eastern Suburban Industrial Area”. Various architecture types of factory buildings from 50s to 90s of the last century can be found in this area, with intense industrial symbol sense. Presently it’s the most large-scale and historical industrial architecture group remaining in Chengdu central city.

With more than 5 billion investment to the music park project, it becomes the only urban industrial site renovation and industrial legacy protection project of the province. It orients to a world-only old-industry-renovated entertainment destination themed by music consumption. In the next three to five years, Chengdu Mass Media Group Ltd. and China Mobile will work together, make full use of the industrial radiation effect and leading role of the wireless music base, to form a world class digital music industry cluster and creative cultural experience garden for music resource gathering, derivative industry access, multi-cultural interaction and new media industry development.

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