Maurizio Bortolotti named the curator of Land Art Mongolia 2020

Maurizio Bortolotti

LAM is proud to announce the nomination of Maurizio Bortolotti to be curating the 6th Biennial in 2020. Bortolotti will act as the chief curator within the local and global networking team. Title and details of the upcoming Biennial to be announced by January 2019.

Bortolotti was Director of Research and Public Program of Shanghai Project at Shanghai Himalayas Museum in Shanghai (2015-2016) and curator of the Zuecca Project Space International Program in Venice (2011–2014). He curated exhibitions in many countries,

focusing on the interaction between art and social processes on the background of globalization, investigating especially the interdisciplinary connection between art and architecture inside the urban space and its social relations. He worked as curator and advisor for several international Biennials, and in 2010 served as Art Commissioner for the First International Art Fair Art Gwangju made by the Gwangju Biennale. He was a professor and a member of scientific committee of the Media school at NABA (2007-2013) in Milan. He was visiting professor at University of Urbino (2003-2005).

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