Broken Nature symposium

Broken Nature symposium

Broken Nature symposium

Friday, March 1, 2019

Teatro dell’Arte, La Triennale di Milano
Viale Emilio Alemagna, 6, 20121 Milano

On the occasion of the opening of the XXII Triennale, Broken Nature: Design Takes on Human Survival, La Triennale di Milano will host the third Broken Nature symposium. This will be an opportunity to celebrate the protagonists of the exhibition—in the galleries, online, the book and beyond—and to delve deeper into the projects and ideas that have inspired our research in the past months. With a rich program of individual presentations, panel discussions and video contributions, Broken Nature symposium will cover topics as diverse as human and non-human migration flows; the capacity of good information design to make the invisible visibile; and the importance of untangling the threads that connect our singular and highly specific experiences to the complex macro-systems that make up the world’s tapestry.

The Symposium will be live-streamed on youtube.com/triennalevideo and facebook.com/latriennale.


99:30am Registration

10–10:15am Opening remarks
Welcome by Stefano Boeri, President of La Triennale di Milano
Introduction by Paola Antonelli, Curator of the XXII Triennale


Broken Nature commission

Studio Formafantasma
Ore Streams 

Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin
Moderated by Paola Antonelli




Gallery no.1

Scott Bodenner, Mixtape
Jan Boelen, Algae Geographies
Julia Lohmann (video), Oki Naganode 
Eugenia Morpurgo, Italian Tropics / Fiore di Loto



Broken Nature commission

The Sigil Collective

Khaled Malas, Salim Al Kadi, Alfred Tarazi, and Jana Traboulsi
Moderated by Ala Tannir


11:50am – 12:50pm


Mauro Baracco and Linda Tegg, Grasslands Suspended
Irene Stracuzzi, The Legal Status of Ice
Justinien Tribillon, Migrant Journal
Eyal Weizman, Forensic Architecture

Moderated by Ala Tannir


11:45pm Lunch (on your own)


Broken Nature commission

Neri Oxman and the Mediated Matter Group (TBC)

Neri Oxman (video)



Broken Nature commission

The Room of Change

Giorgia Lupi and Gabriele Rossi
Moderated by Erica Petrillo





Bernie Krause (video) and
Matt Clark, The Great Animal Orchestra
Christien Meindertsma, PIG 05049
Valérie Portefaix, The Ise Bay Project

Moderated by Paola Antonelli



Gallery no.2

Paola Bay, Reliquaries
Kelly Jazvac, Plastiglomerate
Lindsey Wikstrom, Three Material Stories






Chiara Vigo, Il leone delle donne
In conversation with Laura Maeran





Gallery no.3

Dominique Chen, NukaBot
Bethany Edwards, Lia Pregnancy Test
Xaviera S. Flores, Nature Self-Portrait by Laura Aguilar
Anna Kulachek, Graphic Design of Broken Nature
Dominic Wilcox, Little Inventors


Slow Treasures

Daniela Ducato and Jacopo Ducato Ruggeri, Geolana
Frederico Duarte
Amy Franceschini, Seed Journey

Moderated by Cristina Gabetti



Gallery no.4

Jared Lucks and Bjorn Sparrman, Maldives/Sandbars
Alex Goad, MARS
Eva Pfannes, Água Carioca
Jane Withers, Wonderwater Café


6:20–6:30pm Closing remarks