Land Art Mongolia 360°: curatorial concept and participating artists

Land Art Mongolia 360°
Between the Sky and the Earth

Dates: 22 August – 20 September 2016

In times of google, maps are the evidences of detecting and viewing lands; we read them, we move according to them, we navigate with them, we get lost and we find ourselves with them. We even explore the detailed cartographies of our imagination by referring to them. How about our evidences to view the sky? Is it in the same way in which we read the sky? Is there a kind of sky language ? What happens when our visions of looking at the land from above and looking at the sky from the ground overlaps? What kind of knowledge would such an axis produce?

The 4th edition of the Land Art Mongolia 360° will seek the treasure of knowledge behind this axis. Through artistic research and production, the biennial will explore diverse ways to find out, discuss, to question, to remember or to forget, to analyze, and to experience and to experiment the knowledge produced from the point of this axis. It proposes another perspective to perceive the life that surrounds us. Therefore, the biennial gives the opportunity to the artists to push back the urban realities behind and to position oneself at the steppes of Mongolia to catch this axis.

There will be 30 artists from almost 20 countries participating. The venues are this time in a natural reserve near Daringanga an area near by the sacred mountains Altan Owoo and Shijlin Bogd in the southeast Gobi. (August 22 – 30. 2016)


N. Amarsaikhan (Mongolia), D. Batkholboo (Mongolia), R. Chinzorig (Mongolia), T. Enkhbold (Mongolia), G. Enkhjargal (Mongolia), Lkh. Gankhuyag (Mongolia), M. Munguntsetseg (Mongolia), B. Munhksetseg (Mongolia), Lisa Batacchi (Italy), Edgar Endress (Chile/USA), Zhen + Qiang Gao (China), Severin Guelpa (Switzerland), Erica Masuya (Japan), Pekka Niityvirta (Finland), Camille Norment (Norway/USA), Romina Novellis (Italy), Benjamin Sabatier (France), Marc Schmitz (Germany), Jacek Tylicki (Poland/USA), Herman de Vries (Netherlands/Germany), Mabelle Williams (Haiti).


Valentina Levy, Italy | Odgerel Odonchimed, Arts Council of Mongolia


September 1st
Conference | academy of Science Ulaanbaatar

September 2nd
Opening Reception | The Statehood History Museum of Mongolia

September 3rd
Exhibition Opening UMA Art Gallery, Peace Avenue

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