The second edition of the Tbilisi Triennial invites self-organized systems from around the globe.

2nd Tbilisi Triennial 

SOS – Self organized Systems

Oct/Nov 2015

Statement of the Triennial Team:

Any democratic society, especially in countries going through a process of political and social transformation, requires the knowledge and mechanisms that enable self-organization and self-initiative. Post-soviet space essentially lacks those mechanisms, since the soviet regime erased all traditional knowledge on human associations and shared social understanding and replaced it with a violent, pyramid type, top-down hierarchical structure in which the decision-making power was vested with a small group of people on top. The ability of self-organization, suppressed under the soviet regime atrophied and after the collapse of Soviet Union societies were left without any sense of connectedness and competence to function in the group settings and communal networks.

The second edition of the Tbilisi Triennial, titled ‘SOS – Self Organized Systems,’ is concentrated on the systematic knowledge of community, social units formed through agreement of its participants and functioning according to the norms of reciprocity, tolerance, and trust. This international exhibition and research based educational project invites self-organized systems from around the globe to participate and functions as a large-scale presentation on the patterns and cases of current and historical examples of community projects and initiatives.

SOS will include following projects and venues of self organized systems: CCA Tbilisi, Gallery Nectar, The Literature Museum, Europe House, Bethlemi District, Block 21 Rustavi, Art Villa Garikula, Qvemo Matchkhaani Theater, Shindisi – field academy and etc.

Each participant or collective will curate and produce their own projects.

Image: CCA Center of Contemporary Art – Tbilisi

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