The Prospect New Orleans Board of Directors has officially changed the organization’s status to a triennial, with the fourth iteration of the exhibition scheduled to open in fall 2017.

Board leaders are confident that this transition from a biennial to a scheduled triennial will allow Prospect New Orleans to reach its full potential as a leading international art exhibition.

While board members are elated with the current success of Prospect.3: Notes for Now, they are excitedly looking forward to Prospect.4, which will coincide with the 300th anniversary of the city of New Orleans. Prospect New Orleans is thrilled to have P.4 positioned alongside this monumental tricentennial celebration as the exhibition continues to utilize New Orleans as a focal point for the conversation of international contemporary art.

“Prospect New Orleans has, in essence,  been a “triennial” all along so it seems right to embrace the rhythm we know we can implement successfully,” said Brooke Davis Anderson, Executive Director.

Image: Tavares Strachan’s floating neon sculpture You Belong Here, 2014, in New Orleans. Photo: courtesy the artist.

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