Tent is a temporary gathering of Arts Collaboratory participants taking place at large-scale international events that also open the platform to a broader public.

26–29 November 2014

Open research evening: Thursday 27 November, 9–11:30pm
Dinner, presentation, performance and discussion

Casa Do Povo
Rua Três Rios, 252
Bom Retiro
São Paulo

Arts Collaboratory, a platform for transnational exchange and collaboration comprised of over 20 art organizations from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East that focus on social innovation through art, holds a “Tent” alongside the 31st São Paulo Biennial.

Tent invites the public to an Open Research Evening hosted by Casa Do Povo on Thursday 27 November, from 9 to 11:30pm with dinner, presentations, a performance, and discussion, to share two strands of research from the collaborative projects by Arts Collaboratory organizations. The first presents case studies from Arts Schoolaboratory, a program centered on the development of alternative pedagogical modules based on the practice of organizations in Arts Collaboratory. The second, Minga – Exploring Utopia, is the collective exploration of concepts of utopia articulated in a variety of localities, as a means to recover social and political imaginaries. The new collective manifesto of Minga – Exploring Utopia is launched with a performance and discussion on forms of articulating utopia in translocal contexts.

The evening includes participation from Arts Collaboratory participating organizations, Al-ma’mal Foundation, Jerusalem; Casa Tres Patios, Medellín; Cráter Invertido, Mexico City; Más Arte Más Acción, Chocó; Platohedro, Medellín; Picha, Lubumbashi; RAW MATERIAL COMPANY, Senegal; and ruangrupa, Jakarta.

Arts Collaboratory
Arts Collaboratory is a platform for art organizations in Africa, Asia, Middle East, and Latin America, with a focus on arts and social innovation. Through Arts Collaboratory diverse communities, share knowledge across regions, borders, and languages, as well as develop collaborative works together.

Arts Collaboratory was co-initiated in 2007 by DOEN Foundation and Hivos, two Dutch foundations, and joined in 2013 by the facilitating partner, Casco — Office for Art, Design and Theory, the Utrecht-based organization for artistic research and experimentation. Arts Collaboratory is a unique transnational network for art and organizational practices that experiment with different collaborative structures.

Image from ongoing Arts Collaboratory Tent at 31st São Paulo Biennial, 26 November 2014.


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