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Stages is Liverpool Biennial’s online journal. Each issue shifts its editorial attention in relation to the concerns of the Biennial’s programme and its work to embed itself in the urban context of Liverpool.

Liverpool Biennial Online Journal

Stages #2: Homebaked : A Perfect Recipie

Issue two of Stages, HOMEBAKED: A Perfect Recipe, takes impetus from 2Up 2Down/Homebaked, a Community Land Trust and Co-operative Bakery for North Liverpool initiated by artist, Jeanne van Heeswijk in 2009.

Edited by van Heeswijk, this issue combines the personal narratives of the protagonists with larger social narratives. By utilising the format of a recipe book HOMEBAKED: A Perfect Recipe seeks to address the question: what ingredients does one need to cook up a revolution? Can a recipe be a formula for a public space?

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