“Douala Metamorphosis” participates in discussions on urban citizenship, friendly and responsible appropriation of public space by the Douala inhabitants.

SUD2013 – 3rd Salon Urbain de Douala

Douala Métamorphoses

3-10 December, 2013

Artistic transformations of public space are thought on at a neighborhood level, a square, a hub or a place. And the mutation occurs through a comprehensive aesthetic design: artistic as well as social and economic. In a larger sense, SUD2013 questions the role of art as a mediator between the different strata of a society for humanizing and promoting an identity in Cameroonian megacities.

For such urban metamorphosis, doual’art organizes trans-disciplinary collaborations between artists, architects, designers and urban planners, regarding topics like access to drinking water, the right to playgrounds for children, reinforcement of traditional economic capacity (related to fishing), improvement of housing, creation of squares, small squares and other collective comfortable spaces.


Elvira Dyangani, curator at Tate Modern (London)
Koyo Kouoh, artistic director of the contemporary art center Raw Material
Company (Dakar)
Gabriela Salgado, independent curator (Bogota/London)
Didier Schaub, artistic director of the contemporary art center L’Espace
doual’art (Douala)


  • Malala Andrialavidrazana (Antananarivo/Paris)
  • Philip Aguirre y Otegui (Anvers)
  • Manuela Dikoume (Douala/Paris)
  • Justine Gaga (Douala)
  • Juan Fernando Herran (Bogota)
  • Kouo Eyango (Douala)
  • Faustin Linyekula (Kisangani)
  • Mauro Lugaresi (Douala)
  • Boris Nzebo (Douala)
  • C.A.I.R.E: Kamiel Verschuren (Rotterdam), Amandine Braud (Rennes),
  • Lucas Grandin (Le Mans) and Xandra Nibbeling (Rotterdam)
  • Raumlabor: Anika Juliane Neubauer, Nora Schmitt and Markus Bader (Berlin)
  • Raw Foundation: Calanne Moroney (Amsterdam) and Bart-Jan Hooft (Durban)
  • Joseph Francis Sumégné (Yaoundé)
  • Pascale Marthine Tayou (Yaoundé/Ghent)
  • Léah Touitou (Roanne)
  • Trinity Session: Stephen Hobbs and Marcus Neustetter (Johannesburg)
  • Nelisiwe Xaba and Mocke Van Veuren (Johannesburg)
  • Hervé Yamguen (Douala)
  • Hervé Youmbi (Douala)

ARS & URBIS L’Espace doual’art, village festival

Reflections on urban transformation from cross users look, actors and
commentators of the city.

Stéphane Akoa (Yaoundé), Errero Djiengwe, psychiatrist (Douala), Fabien
Eboussi Boulaga, philosopher (Yaoundé), Marilyn Douala Bell, developper
(Douala), Professor Assako, head of the department of geography at the
Ecole Normale Supérieure (Yaoundé), T. Moyo, President of the National
Order of Urban Planners (Yaoundé), Danièle Diwouta-Kotto, architect
(Douala), Jacqueline Ekambi, sociologist, (Yaoundé), Franck Houndegla,
architect (Porto Novo/Paris), Danièle Moudeke, architect/urban planner,
(Douala), Jules Dumas Nguebou, coordination ASOAL (Yaoundé), Marta
Pucciarelli, researcher (Milan), Jean Yango (Douala), Urban Planner …
Production: Goethe Institut, doual’art