Performa 13 Biennial: Paid Performance Opportunity and Call for Volunteers.

Paid Performance Opportunity

Performa 13 Biennial is inviting male and female singers to collaborate with two of our commissioned artists. We are seeking experienced singers from a range of backgrounds to work directly with the artists. The work will range from experimental vocal improvisation to taking part in an a cappella chorus line.

If you are interested please send your contact details and current resume to:

Rehearsal and Performance Dates:

And You Were Wonderful, On Stage – Cally Spooner
November 5, 4pm – 8pm
November 6, 10am – 6pm
November 7, 10am – 6pm
November 8,   2pm [dress rehearsal]
November 8, 6:30 pm and 8:30 pm
November 9, 6:30 pm and 8:30 pm

Yes Nix – Tori Wrånes
November 11, 14,  10-5pm
November 22, 23 at 7:30pm

Call for Volunteers

The Market of Toys is a group of performances for the most iconic public space in New York City—Times Square. The series is composed of four distinct minimalistic actions representative of Akademia Ruchu’s activities throughout their long career. These austere interventions, carried out over the course of two days by Akademia Ruchu will simultaneously interrupt as well as emphasize the vibrant character of Times Square and its dense and diverse visitors.


November 8, 10-11:30am (preparation and rehearsal with students)
November 8, 12-6:00pm  (performances at Times Square)
November 9, 12-6:00pm  (performances at Times Square)
If this sounds like something you’d like to be part of please get in touch! Send an email to:

volunteers@performa-arts.org, Monika Rendzner, Production Fellow and Coordinator for Polish Pavilion

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