From September 21th to December 8th, 2013, the Fundação Bienal de São Paulo will host 30 × bienal – Transformations in Brazilian art from the 1st to the 30th edition.

30 × bienal
Transformations in Brazilian art from the 1st to the 30th edition

September 21 – December 8, 2013

Fundação Bienal de São Paulo – Parque Ibirapuera · Portão 3
Free entrance

Curated by Paulo Venancio Filho, the exhibit spans Brazil’s representation at the Bienal de São Paulo, from its first edition, held in 1951, down to the latest, in 2012, with a selection of 111 artists and around 250 works.

According to Venancio Filho, over 5000 Brazilian artists participated during these 30 years, making Bienal, over time, one of the structuring elements in Brazilian art in the second half of the 20th century. “Therefore, it could not be any other way, I believe, due to the relationship between the history of Brazilian art and the trajectory of Bienal as a determining element in the selection of artists and works,” explains the curator.

Also included in the exhibition is the rich collection of the Arquivo Histórico Wanda Svevo – with its exhibit graphics and documentary records. “This is an opportunity for the public to have contact with some rare material that belongs to Fundação Bienal, whose important responsibilities include preserving and keeping these precious archives alive,” states president Luis Terepins. The Arquivo Bienal is the most important collection of documents in Latin America related to modern and contemporary art. Created in 1955 and categorized as a landmark by Condephaat (the Council for the Defense of Historical Heritage) in 1993, its collection contains 780 linear meters of documents such as art catalogs, books, magazines, historical records, artist dossiers, videos and photos. It is open to students and researchers from Brazil and abroad.

The curatorial concept of 30 × bienal is built on the search for a contemporary verification of the presence of this historic tradition of which Bienal de São Paulo – the second biennial in the world, after the Biennale di Venezia – plays a fundamental part. “Hence, our intention to propose a flexible, non-chronological narrative that is able to transcend time and space, while not neglecting to observe the historical continuity of six decades,” explains Venancio Filho.

In this sense, 30 × bienal determines a panorama of the axes of influence in Brazilian art, ranging from geometric abstraction to concretism, Pop Art, the conceptual generation and the reflection of these developments, every two years, in the production of today’s artists. Just like the artists and works, 30 × bienal also intends to provide evidence of determined exhibition situations considered fundamental to understanding the historical evolution of the methods of presenting works of art. Created by architect Felipe Tassara, the assembly of the exhibition will correspond to the exhibit process which has developed over the decades, making use of the images and documents in the Arquivo Bienal.

Educativo Bienal

Curated by Stela Barbieri, Educativo Bienal, in light of the exhibition 30 × bienal, has planned special activities that also refer to the evolution of the educational process over the last few decades. From April 24th to September 28th, Educativo is promoting a cycle of nine meetings about Contemporary Brazilian Art at Lounge Bienal, with the proposal of reflecting on the exhibition’s concepts, artists and works. The 30-hour course will also feature Ações Poéticas [“Poetic Actions”] and is geared toward teachers and social educators.

List of Artists 30 × bienal

  1. Abraham Palatnik
  2. Adriana Varejão
  3. Alair Gomes
  4. Alexandre da Cunha
  5. Alexandre Wollner
  6. Alfredo Volpi
  7. Almir Mavignier
  8. Aluísio Carvão
  9. Amelia Toledo
  10. Amilcar de Castro
  11. Anatol Wladyslaw
  12. Angelo Venosa
  13. Anna Bella Geiger
  14. Anna Maria Maiolino
  15. Antônio Bandeira
  16. Antonio Dias
  17. Antonio Manuel
  18. Artur Barrio
  19. Arthur Piza
  20. Beatriz Milhazes
  21. Carlito Carvalhosa
  22. Carlos Fajardo
  23. Carlos Vergara
  24. Carlos Zilio
  25. Carmela Gross
  26. Cildo Meireles
  27. Cinthia Marcelle e Tiago Mata Machado
  28.  Claudia Andujar
  29.  Claudio Tozzi
  30. Daniel Senise
  31. Danilo Di Prete
  32. Décio Vieira
  33. Eduardo Sued
  34. Eleonore Koch
  35. Ernesto Neto
  36. Fábio Miguez
  37. Fayga Ostrower
  38. Fernanda Gomes
  39. Flavio-Shiró
  40. Frans Krajcberg
  41. Franz Weissmann
  42. Geraldo de Barros
  43. German Lorca
  44. Hélio Oiticica
  45. Hércules Barsotti
  46. Hermelindo Fiaminghi
  47. Iberê Camargo
  48. Iole de Freitas
  49. Ione Saldanha
  50. Iran do Espírito Santo
  51. Ivan Serpa
  52. Ivens Machado
  53. Jac Leirner
  54. Jorge Guinle
  55. José Damasceno
  56. José Leonilson
  57. José Resende
  58. José Roberto Aguilar
  59. Judith Lauand
  60. Laura Lima
  61. Leda Catunda
  62. Lenora de Barros
  63. Lívio Abramo
  64. Lothar Charoux
  65. Lucia Koch
  66. Lucia Laguna
  67. Luiz Paulo Baravelli
  68. Luiz Sacilotto
  69. Luiz Zerbini
  70. Lygia Clark
  71. Lygia Pape
  72. Marcello Nitsche
  73. Marcelo Grassmann
  74. Marcius Galan
  75. Maria Leontina
  76. Maria Martins
  77. Marilá Dardot
  78. Mary Vieira
  79. Maurício Nogueira Lima
  80. Miguel Rio Branco
  81. Milton Dacosta
  82. Mira Schendel
  83. Nelson Leirner
  84. Nuno Ramos
  85. Paulo Bruscky
  86. Paulo Monteiro
  87. Paulo Pasta
  88. Raymundo Collares
  89. Regina Silveira
  90. Ricardo Basbaum
  91. Rivane Neuenschwander
  92. Roberto Magalhães
  93. Rodrigo Andrade
  94. Rodrigo Braga
  95. Rosângela Rennó
  96. Rubem Valentim
  97. Rubem Ludolf
  98. Rubens Gerchman
  99. Rubens Mano
  100. Sérgio Camargo
  101. Sérgio Sister
  102. Sé­­­rvulo Esmeraldo
  103. Tatiana Blass
  104. Tomie Ohtake
  105. Tunga
  106. Ubi Bava
  107. Waldemar Cordeiro
  108. Waltercio Caldas
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