At a time when the financial crisis in Greece and elsewhere is multiplying its manifestations, the 4th Athens Biennale 2013 AGORA cannot but respond to this bleak situation through a pertinent question: Now what?


The 4th Athens Biennale 2013 will take place in September 2013.

This year’s biennale will be realized by a diverse group of artists, curators, theorists and practitioners in the creative industries. Through this collaborative process the Athens Biennale produces the AGORA, a project exhibition that reflects on the way a biennale has to operate under the current socio-economic circumstances. The organizers will set up a collective experiment based on a shared sense of responsibility and an urge to co-produce meaning.

You can also contribute in this process by sharing your own views and thoughts. The AB4’s website will be acting as a matrix of references, ideas, stimuli to be produced and accessed by anyone interested in participating in this collaborative experiment. The digital version of AGORA is the canvas of our uncannily creative visions.

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