Erlend Hammer and Power Ekroth curate two separate exhibitions for Momentum 7, each with their own title and selection of artists.

June 22–September 29, 2013

Opening: Saturday, June 22, 5pm at Momentum kunsthall

Momentum kunsthall and public spaces
Moss, Norway

Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast
Curated by Power Ekroth, Sweden/Norway

Artists: Sergei Bugaev Afrika (Russia) / Loulou Cherinet (Sweden /Ethiopia) / Jan Christensen (Norway) / Cevdet Erek (Turkey) / Bjørn-Kowalski Hansen (Norway) / Goran Hassanpour (Sweden/Kurdistan) / Laura Horelli (Finland) / Stine Marie Jacobsen (Denmark) / Hassan Khan (Egypt) / Gabriel Lester (The Netherlands) / Lisi Raskin (USA) / Johan Zetterquist (Sweden) / Clemens von Wedemeyer (Germany)

Dare 2 Love Yourself
Curated by Erlend Hammer, Norway

Artists: Matthew Antezzo (USA) / Per Christian Brown (Norway) / Paolo Chiasera (Italy) / Ane Graff (Norway) / Mai Hofstad Gunnes (Norway) / Knut Henrik Henriksen (Norway) / Ane Mette Hol (Norway) / Victor Lind (Norway) / Jared Madere (USA) / Bjarne Melgaard (Norway) / Sex Tags (Norway) / Eve K. Tremblay (Canada) / Lars Monrad Vaage (Norway) / Charlotte Wankel (Norway) / Sverre Wyller (Norway)

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