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The new publication examines the cultural exchange between Brasil and the young Federal Republic of Germany in the years 1949 – 1954.

Martina Merklinger:

Die Biennale São Paulo
Kulturaustausch zwischen Brasilien und der jungen Bundesrepublik Deutschland (1949-1954)

Text in German (!)
254 pages, many illustrations, 34,80 €
Transcript Verlag

ISBN 978-3-8376-2279-9

The 1951 first aligned São Paulo Biennale is one of the first international art projects in which the Federal Republic of Germany has been involved after the Second World War. It is regarded as a landmark in the history of art in Brazil and had the same impact on the bilateral relations in the art world. An essential role was played by the College of Design in Ulm, its first rector Max Bill was awarded the Grand Prize of the Biennale.

On the basis of original documents especially from Berlin and São Paulo as well as interviews with witnesses in Brazil Martina Merklinger shows how the young Federal Republic managed to emphasize its policies in Latin America with operations in the art world.

With a foreword by Ronald Grätz, Secretary of the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (ifa).

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