The 3rd Ghetto Biennale 2013: Decentering the Market and Other Tales of Progress.

Deadline: Sunday, June 23, 2013.

Entitled Decentering the Market and Other Tales of Progress, the 2013 installment seeks responses to the challenges posed by the globalized art market.

Curators: Andre EugeneDavid Frohnapfel and Leah Gordon

While the Ghetto Biennale was conceived to expose social, racial, class and geographical immobility, it seemed to have upheld these class inertias within its structural core. The Ghetto Biennale is looking for balance amongst the multifarious  and often contradictory agendas underpinning the event. Is the Biennial institutional  critique or a season ticket to the institution? Is the biennial art tourism or an exit strategy  from the ghetto? What was the effect of the earthquake and the ensuing NGO  culture on cross-cultural relations in Haiti? The straplines for the previous Ghetto  Biennales were ‘What happens when first world art rubs up against third world art?  Does it bleed?’…Did the Ghetto Biennale bleed, and if so where?

Responding to the challenges posed by the previous incarnations of this event the 3rd Ghetto Biennale has a theme. Requested are artistic projects, which investigate or respond to ‘The Market’ from the local to the Global“. It was also decided to make it a lens free Biennale to partially resist both the ethnographic gaze and the commodity fetishism that the lens can engender.

The 3rd Ghetto Biennale seeks artistic projects that respond to this topic, help to expose the boundaries of a globalized art market, and have meaningful discussion about sameness and diversity in an allegedly de-centered art world. The 3rd Ghetto Biennale in Port-au-Prince is trying to create a space for artistic production that attempts to offer, whilst understanding all its limitations, artists from wide socioeconomic classes, a complex creative platform. The Ghetto Biennale hopes to contain the seeds of a possibility to transcend different models of ghettoizatio.

The 3rdGhetto Biennale 2013 will take place from the end of November until the middle of December 2013, the exact dates to be confirmed.

All works must be made and exhibited in Haiti. Artists will be invited to pass one to three weeks in Haiti before presenting their work in the neighbourhood to an audience of local people, Port au Prince neighbourhood communities, arts collectives and arts organisations.

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