Sculpture Quadrennial Riga 2012 (SQR 2012) is devoted to the theme of “Anatomy of Integration”.

Sculpture Quadrennial Riga

Anatomy of Integration

5th October to 25th November 2012

Curators: Inese Baranovska, Aigars Bikse, Ivars Drulle

The chosen theme is topical in a lot of countries on a socioeconomic level. The focus of SQR 2012 is the analysis and determination of the current interrelationship between various cultural zones.

The theme of Sculpture Quadrennial Riga 2012 – “Anatomy of Integration” has been planned at European Union level as an international contemporary sculpture festival. Artists and art professionals from the European Union, Nordic countries and elsewhere have been invited to take part, which will lead to the establishment of an intercultural and international dialogue through art.

The exhibition venues were chosen deliberately – the gaze of the quadrennial 2012 is focused on a sensitive topic: many aspects of the social integration. It’s time to boldly carry it to the art medium that is, if not the only, one of the fairest, truest and outspoken media being able to talk about it. The organizers aim to launch a public debate on how to not only preserve our national self-confidence, but also to cope with different cultures, languages and religions today. More than 20 artists were invited to explore the degree of interaction between different cultures in the recent past, present and future.

Art openly and socially actively reflecting different political contexts of the Latvian population will expand understanding of the processes in which we are all involved. The event will focus on a personal experience as the part of the collective consciousness. Everyone is invited to explore how the Latvian and other Europian nations artists interpret these hot topics.

Sculpture Quadrennial ‘Riga 2012 – Anatomy of integration’ is scheduled for exhibitions, an international conference on social aspects of public art, various educational projects, negotiation cycles and other activities.
The main aim of the setting is the overall reduction of artistic and cultural elitism, making art accessible to most everyone in society so the exhibitions and all events will be free of entrance fees.

With a four-year interval Sculpture Quadrennial has been going on since 1972. Since 2004 the quadrennial is organized by Arts Management and Information Centre (MMIC). The project is curated by artists Aigars Bikse and Ivars Drulle, and art historian Inese Baranovska. It’s going to be the 11th quadrennial during 40 years.