In collaboration with the Philosophy Department at the University of Liverpool, Liverpool Biennial 2012 has invited artists and thinkers to bring a new understanding of hospitality for our times in relation to humanism, economy and the media.

Hospitality is the underlying theme of the next Biennial opening on 15 September.

Human Surface Skin

3 July, 2-5pm

This workshop will integrate scientific, artistic and philosophical perspectives on the phenomenon of skin as human surface. In examining the biological history as well as the socio-cultural functions of skin, the discussions shall develop an approach to skin as cultural surface that seeks to trace its evolutionary products, like for example nakedness as socially codified medium in order to ask about skin’s technological, scientific, and artistic future. Discussing the far-reaching artistic, theoretical and ethical implications of the topic of skin moreover it addresses the question of the boundaries of the human and the non-human.

Participants include:

  • Pamela Rosenkranz, artist, Liverpool Biennial
  • Robin Mackay, philosopher, Falmouth University
  • John Hunt, Head of Clinical Engineering Research Unit, University of Liverpool
Victoria Gallery and Museum
Leggate Theatre, University of Liverpool
Ashton Street
Liverpool L69 3DR

Free, but registration is recommended. Please click here to reserve a place.


Around Ours

11 July, 3-5pm

This workshop discusses the relation of hospitality and economy in the context of terraced housing in North Liverpool and in particular what it means to live well. What is the impact of changing our ideas of social economy and what are the possibilities for architecture within a user centered approach to designing one’s neighbourhood?

Participants include:

  • Jeanne van Heeswijk, artist, Liverpool Biennial
  • Owen Hatherley, writer, London
  • Jim Brown, social economy expert, Bristol
Former Mitchell’s Bakery

199 Oakfield Road

Liverpool L4 0UF

Free, but registration is recommended. Please click here to reserve a place.

Liverpool Biennial 2012: 15 September – 25 November.

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