“Atropoceno” is the title of the 3rd Biennial at the End of the World: Oct/Nov 2011.

3rd Biennial at the End of the World


October and November 2011

General curator of the Biennial is Consuelo Ciscar Casabán, director of the Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno Centre Julio González (IVAM). She appointed Rafael Sierra as curator for the “espacio del hangar”; Alicia de Arteaga, Ana María Batisttozzi, Fernando Farina and Ana Martínez Quijano as curators for the argentine artists; Ibis Hernández as curator for the artists form Central and North America, and José María Lozano as curator of the space “Arte y arquitectura”.<br /><br />

The title of the Biennial refers to ideas of the Nobel Prize-winning scientist Paul Crutzen. He first suggested we were living in the “Anthropocene,” a new geological epoch in which human dominance of biological, chemical and geological processes on Earth have altered the planet. Crutzen’s term was controversly discussed more than a decade ago. Now, as more potential consequences of human activity – such as global climate change and sharp increases in plant and animal extinctions – have emerged, the term has gained support. Currently, the worldwide geological community is formally considering whether the Anthropocene should join the Jurassic, Cambrian and other more familiar units on the Geological Time Scale.

The exhibition focuses on the trias of art, society and environment. Several works deal with the four elements: Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.