The exhibition title, Open House, is conceived not as a theme but as an invitation. It examines the often fiercely guarded boundaries between public and private, and the manner in which differences may be bridged through interaction and exchange.

Focusing on the process of making art rather than defining its final destination, SB2011 looks at these artistic journeys in relation to the ordinary transactions and encounters we participate in every day.

With its focus on artistic processes, the third Singapore Biennale marks the highest proportion of artists to date who are presenting new site-specific commissions or premieres – 34 artists or 54 % of all participating artists. It also has the strongest Asian and local representation to date, with more than 40% of the artists (27 out of 63) hailing from Asia and nine Singaporeans artists in all.

Artistic Director Matthew Ngui and his team state, “We make sense of our surroundings based on the context we are in. Similarly, our focus on contemporary artistic process is also related to the everyday urban environment from which they come. As we lower our defenses and begin to appreciate the exchanges of ideas and viewpoints, we will come to realise how art can create possibilities, crossing thresholds and borders between private and public, at home and the city.”

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