Network Meeting during the 28th São Paulo Biennial in Brazil with biennial directors from the Americas.

As part of the development of the Biennial Foundation organizers and curators from various biennials in the Americas are invited to meet and reflect upon the set-up of the Biennial Foundation, its aims, activities and functioning. Feed back from the discussions will be incorporated in the further development of the Biennial Foundation. The meeting is scheduled on 28 November 2008 and is organised in close collaboration with the Sao Paulo Biennial, hosting the convention.

Invited are curators and directors from: Mercosul Biennial, Luanda Triennial, San Juan/Poly Graphic Triennial, Sao Paulo Biennial, Santiago Triennial, Havana Biennial, Panama Biennial, Cuenca Biennial, Bienal Fin del Mundo, Insite, and Bienal de las Nuevas Artes Merida, amongst other.

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