Year founded: 1984
Organiser: VIDEONALE e.V.


Founded in 1984 the biannually initiated Videonale is counted amongst the oldest festivals for video art in Germany and Europe.

The exhibition was a pioneer in the genre. As a continuous, established art exhibition, Videonale has borne witness to points of transition in the history of video art. Despite the advances in media technology in the external environment, Videonale has consistently focused on the exhibition of works create in single channel-video in an effort to define moving image as a mainstay of contemporary aesthetic expression.

Besides its high standard of presented works Videonale reached a widely accepted reputation in its attempt to develop new forms of presentation for video art. A team of architects and designers is invited to every Videonale in order to produce a technical as well as creative exhibition architecture. As, until now, there were few convincing solutions in this area, Videonale carries out pioneering work, for which it also receives great acceptance from professionals of this field.

The association also organises events and exhibitions of video art between the Videonale-years. A series of lectures called Elektronenströme (Electron Streams) takes place on a monthly basis. Scholars, artists and curators talk about current tendencies in video art.