For 10 years, Les Ateliers de Rennes has been exploring the themes Art&Economy / Art&Business.

During each edition, Les Ateliers de Rennes invites a new curator to revisit this theme. The event’s functioning itself is one of a kind as two-third of its budget come from private funds.

The organization of Les Ateliers de Rennes builds on the following basic principles:

  • Support and promote the production of new artworks
  • Expose a wider public to contemporary art
    Numerous actions of mediation are implemented to achieve this goal: partnerships and school visits, organization of customized tours, extramural workshops in schools, and projects with the audience who has the least access to culture.
  • Find synergies, in Rennes, with the local cultural actors and institutions. This makes this event an example of private/public partnership at the service of the city and its territory.
  • A monitoring committee—gathering representatives of exhibition venues, institutional partners, and art professionals—vouches for the smooth running of the event.

Art Norac : nonprofit organization for art patronage of the Norac group

Art Norac runs the sponsoring actions of the Rennes-based food group Norac. The organization supports contemporary art creation and ensures its dissemination to the general public and to the collaborators of Norac group’s societies.

For the Norac group, Art Norac is a way to contribute to the society while materializing its corporate social responsibility, in Rennes, where its head office has been located for many years.

The main activity of Art Norac is the organization of Les Ateliers de Rennes. It also supports many other initiatives and contemporary art actors in Rennes and in Brittany. These include the MAE Master, 40mcube, the Archives de la critique d’art, which are otherwise partners of Les Ateliers de Rennes.