Bodø Biennale is a multi-disciplinary festival for dance art, visual art and cross-over productions.

Bodø Biennale was established in 2015 by BAREDANS (Bodø Arena for Dance Art) and SE KUNST (“See Art in Northern Norway”). The Biennale is a multidisciplinary festival in of visual art and dance art.

The Bodø Biennale program includes exhibitions, performances, workshops, seminars, art talks etc. The program is composed of three streams: one stream focusing on visual art with exhibitions, art talks etc; one stream focusing on dance art with performances, artists talks, workshops etc; and one stream focusing on multidisciplinary art with cross-over productions, talks and debate, workshops, opening production with an art walk in Bodø centre (including professional artists and ‘amateurs’-school children/students).

The program will unfold in various arenas and cultural institutions in the city centre, public spaces, and traditional and untraditional spaces (for artistic production).

The purpose of Bodø Biennale is to contribute to the development and strength of the professional dance art field and the visual art field in Bodø. The biennial will be an arena for interdisciplinary cooperation and productions, drawing both public and art professionals.