Year founded: 2014
Organiser: Instituto Tamaulipeco para la Cultura y las Artes


Conceived as a public and participatory platform focusing on the most up-to-date and emerging concepts and expressions of the visual arts, the Biennial of the Frontiers seeks to become a space in which creation, imagination and the analysis and dissemination of contemporary art explores the established frontiers of contemporary art practices in Mexico and abroad.

The goals of the Biennial are to:

– Promote the creation of artworks and curatorial projects in Mexico and abroad
– Build a platform for emerging artists and curators for creative and innovative proposals in the field of visual arts
– Facilitate dialogue, exchange and critical discussion of artistic practices today, such as the regional-global pairing, its challenges and opportunities
– Disseminate the results, experiences and conclusions of the Biennial in Mexico and internationally

The Biennial of the Frontiers has a Selection Committee that is the body in charge of selecting the participating works and projects that will awarded prizes.

The Biennial of the Frontiers has an honorary Advisory Committee whose functions include sharing the experiences of other biennials, contributing its specialized knowledge in the fields of art, culture, art collecting and communications; and broadening the scope of the biennial phenomenon.