The “Photographic” as Lingua Franca – interview with the Tallinn Photomonth 2019 curators

Piret Karro talks to Ingel Vaikla, Hanna Laura Kaljo, Post Brothers and Heidi Ballet.

This fall Tallinn becomes overrun with exhibitions and art events revolving around the theme of photography, visuality, and its relationship with the body, the enfleshed. There are three international curator projects in Tallinn Photomonth 2019 main programme: curator Heidi Ballet navigates questions surrounding environmental change in the group exhibition When You Say We Belong to the Light We Belong to the Thunder at the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM). Hanna Laura Kaljo focuses on the body and its presence in the tides and shifts of the surroundings in Let the field of your attention…. soften and spread out at the newly opened Kai Art Center. And Post Brothers has taken a more direct approach to the materiality of photography in the group project at Tallinn Art Hall, Mercury, a visual essay created in collaboration with the artist Simon Dybbroe Møller. Joined here by the curators, we will open up the thought processes behind the exhibitions by discussing the phenomenon of visuality in the face of the current climate urgency.
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