Year founded: 1998
Organiser: OCT Contemporary Art Terminal


The biennial intends to focus on artistic experimentation and to boldly expand the exploration of sculpture into an exploration of various artistic forms including sculpture as well as creation itself.

From 1998 to 2010 the main organizer of the Biennale was He Xiangning Art Museum. In 2012, the exhibition is organized by OCT Contemporary Art Terminal and is officially named Shenzhen Sculpture Biennale.

Founded in 2005, OCT Contemporary Art Terminal (OCAT) is located in the creative cultural space of Overseas China Towns in Shenzhen. It is one of China’s leading contemporary art spaces known for its  survey shows on individual artists, research-driven curatorial practice, annual summer theatre and dance workshops, screening and lecture series, as well as its international artist and curator residency programme.

OCT Contemporary Art Terminal (OCAT) is under the umbrella of Shenzhen’s He Xiangning Art Museum, and is significant in being the first such professional institution to be established in association with, and administrated by, a State-owned art museum anywhere in China.