Year founded: 2021
Organiser: Perspektiven für Kunst in Freiburg e.V.


Biennale für Freiburg (BfF) is a new platform for the presentation, development and mediation of contemporary art in Freiburg, Germany.

Biennale für Freiburg dedicates itself to artistically approaching urgent socio-political matters through means of varying thematic and conceptual frameworks. The aim is to establish a continuous connection to Freiburg and to provide a lasting contribution to the cultural and artistic life of the city.

The Biennale envisions itself as a beneficial addition to Freiburg’s artistic landscape, juxtaposing an in-depth examination of local modus operandi with external perspectives, which are taken up by the participants. The choice for the commonplace acronym BFF and its meaning in popular culture, are quite intentional: a connection based on support and intimacy, conversation and honesty, combined with the genuine desire to never let this commitment end – Best Friends Forever.