Invitation to KölnSkulptur #9 opening this Sunday


KölnSkulptur #9 opens on October 15, 2017, at 11am, marking the 20th anniversary and ninth edition of Skulpturenpark Köln. Under the exhibition title “La Fin de Babylone. Mich wundert, dass ich so fröhlich bin!” the curator Chus Martínez invites you to listen to the stories that the park has to tell.

The focus is on eight new works by artists Andrea Büttner, Claudia Comte, Jan Kiefer, Eduardo Navarro, Solange Pessoa, Lin May Saeed, Teresa Solar, and Pedro Wirz. The artworks are not magic, though they all share the idea that sensation is what fuels a new imagination of the world we are living in. They all animate the nonhuman – nature, metal, wood, stone, Earth – and bear witness to a common territory between us and animals, between plants and geological life.

Everyone is welcome to attend the opening. Download the invitation HERE.

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