Qalandiya International Open Gallery #4 – Call for Proposals

The Palestinian Art Court – Al Hoash encourages artists of all mediums, art collectives and independent curators to apply for our 4th Call for Proposals for the Open Gallery program. This Call can be answered both by individuals and collectives/groups.

The 4th edition of the Open Gallery will be a group show on the concept of “Fear”. Fear is considered one of the major elements utilized by the authorities and Occupation forces to keep a tight grip on the ongoing restrictions in the various aspects of Palestinian life. Fear has also played an instrumental role on a global level in various aspects in order to intensify control mechanisms and attack the civil rights of people. Therefore, it was seen as highly logical for us to address this topic in the last edition of this year’s Open Gallery program, which gives the young voices a platform to express their points of view.

Artists, curators and researchers are requested to send to Al Hoash, until the date of 13th of August 2016, their interpretation of the topic of “Fear”, referring not only to the direct and ultimate fear which surrounds us in Jerusalem and the different parts of Palestine, but also the implications of this subject as a universal concept that threatens the rights of people all over the world.

Open Gallery #4 is part of the 3rd edition of the QI 2016 program titled: ‘This Sea Is Mine”, an exploration of the subject of Return”. For further information on the QI 2016 program, please visit www.qalandiyainternational.org

The selected artists will be announced on the 16th of August 2016.

For more information on how to apply, please see:

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