Yogyakarta Biennale Foundation’s Equator Symposium – open call for young scholars

Yogyakarta Biennale Foundation invites young scholars from various backgrounds (be it science, technology, social sciences, art and cultural studies, etc) to submit their paper proposals to the Equator Symposium 2016 (or ES 2016). Selected essay proposals will be given a chance to finalize their essay and prepare it to be presented in ES 2016’s upcoming forum.

Alternative Visions From The Third World
ES 2016 tries to unravel alternative ecologies that are initiated by the one and the many from various places along the equator. As a framework for essay proposals coming from as many disciplines as possible, we state the background of our thoughts that generated these thinking along with several keywords of topics.

The term “third world” refers to the first time it was used during Bandung Conference 1955; meaning that the term points to any countries other than European or American. We require a clear conscience in using (or abusing) the term. As for “ecology”, we are referring to its simple denotation which is any kind of science that deals with the relations of organisms to one another and to their physical surroundings. Therefore, young academicians from any kind of discipline are asked to analyze alternative offers, thoughts and practices surrounding them that envision a better life in this world.

We believe that this alternative actions thrives within spaces and socio-political times with democratic atmosphere that enables chances for each and everyone to have the rights and obligations upon their living space. We hope that these studies can articulate current social dynamics of being in many different living spaces and, at the same time, create an open and critical discourse upon it.

Main Topics
* Updated means and ways of performing democracy
* Environmental empowerment
* Urban/rural development
* Social tension, crisis and negotiations between people
* Rethinking sustainability

How to submit the essay proposal
* The submission is open for alumnus of any bachelor studies, be it science, technology, social sciences, art and cultural studies, etc
* Download, fill in our application form along with your essay proposal (maximum 500 words)
* Send it to us with your previous essays (minimum 2) through reach(at)equatorsymposium(dot)org
* Essay proposal submission deadline is September 13, 2016
* Selected essay proposals will be announced in September 24, 2016

Additional Information
If you are interested in participating in the upcoming Equator Symposium not as speakers, please keep yourselves updated through www.equatorsymposium.org.

About Equator Symposium
Equator Symposium is one of the main programs of Yogyakarta Biennale Foundation. The symposium is international in scale, involving specialists and practitioners from various nations which can be included in breadth and scope of the equatorial line. Within the framework of an expert and knowledgeable discourse, the Equator Symposium will be cross-disciplinary, although its focus of attention is contemporary art. In this way the practice and discourse of contemporary art requires an open space, inclusive and ready to accept various critical studies that are relevant and sourced from a variety of disciplines and field of expertise. Equator Symposium will also function as an effort to develop networks amongst individuals and institutions which can activate the role of experts and practitioners of Indonesian contemporary art in an international.

Contact Information
ES 2016 // Yogyakarta Biennale Foundation
Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
Jl. Sriwedani 1, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
phone: +62 274 587712
email: reach@equatorsymposium.org
website: www.equatorsymposium.org
contact: Ratna Mufida +62817277679

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