Bermuda Biennial 2016 – It’s About Now: Memories of the Present

Bermuda Biennial

The Bermuda National Gallery (BNG) is preparing for the Bermuda Biennial, which opens on June 16, 2016. The exhibition runs to November 26.

The 2016 Bermuda Biennial is the 12th iteration of the exhibition series, and the second to embrace a theme. Sponsored by Bacardi Limited, the Bermuda Biennial serves as the Island’s contemporary art nexus, from which innovative artistic expression is encouraged and observed. Bermuda’s historical heritage, its geographical remoteness and aesthetic, and economic resiliency, create a unique setting for a small but burgeoning contemporary art scene.

BNG Curator Sophie Cressall has selected two respected international jurors to critically review the submissions of artwork. The jurors are Holly Bynoe, Chief Curator at the National Art Gallery of Bahamas and Executive Director of ARC Magazine, and Valerie Cassel Oliver, Senior Curator at the Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston. Both jurors come with extensive experience in the contemporary art arena.

This year’s theme is borne out of the material and ethereal saturation of time in this era of information hyper-saturation and global exchange. Finding the ‘moment’ and expressing the ‘now’ is more than daily yoga practice (itself another global phenomena); it is an ongoing inter-relationship with technology and data and dialogue from so many directions simultaneously.

What will be remembered about this moment? What vernacular of expression will communicate across generations present or for generations in the future?

The jury process takes place in the first of week of February, with a catalogue to follow for the opening.

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