The International Biennial Association will hold an in-person Working Committee meeting in Russia this October in conjunction with the Ural Industrial Biennial.

IBA Working Committee Meeting

October 7-8, 2015

at Ural Industrial Biennial, Ekaterinburg, Russia

Taking place on October 7 and 8 in Ekaterinburg, Russia, members from each of the four Working Committees will meet to share, discuss and facilitate change within each of the four subject areas: Programming, Research, Policy and Finance.

Co-organized with Ural Industrial Biennial under the theme of Mobilization and Changes: Biennial as a Resource for Territory Opennessfive all-inclusive travel grants are available for IBA members from non-capital city biennials and triennials. To apply, please include in your RSVP response that you would like to participate, and an application form will be emailed to you.

Please RSVP by August 7, 2015, if you desire to attend the meeting. For those requiring special entry documents for Visa purposes, please be aware that we will need a scan of your passport identification page, and roughly 10 days are needed to process the official Introductory Letter and Invitation. After receiving this document, please visit your Russian embassy to apply for a Visa.

Working Committees

The Programming committee aims to create meaningful collaborations between biennials in different formats, working on the artistic and creative aspect. It proposes a list of activities and focuses on the exchange of ideas and projects between biennials.

The Research committee focuses on information sharing between the IBA’s network of professionals, collaborating to create a comprehensive archival system in addition to collecting resources.

The Policy committee seeks new global partnerships with cultural institutions, with a focus on drafting and executing beneficial exchanges and outlining new MOUs and programs.

The Finance committee plans operational costs for the IBA while researching approaches to receive continuous expenditures. Making use of members’ fundraising experiences, the committee works to launch events for funding, cooperation and sponsorship in order to maximize potential capital for General Assemblies, Board Meetings, conferences, participation grants and other initiatives benefiting IBA members.

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