The second edition of ARSENALE, the first international biennial of contemporary art in Ukraine, is postponed to 2015.

Just in November 2013 the curatorial team of the next Kyiv Biennale had been announced: Austrian curators Georg Schöllhammer and Hedwig Saxenhuber will be responsible for the exhibition that will take place in 2015 in the Mystetskyi Arsenal National Cultural-Art and Museum Complex.

The complex is one of Ukraine’s most promising projects in the field of culture and has a fair chance of becoming one of the world’s largest museums. Soon, a new-generation museum, with modern technical infrastructure meeting requirements of a dynamic exhibition centre and offering vast opportunities for education, will offer visitors spacious exhibition halls, art laboratories, electronic libraries, bookstores, conference rooms, classrooms.

Until late 2014, parts of the complex will be under reconstruction. Nevertheless, even today Mystetskyi Arsenal is functioning in a vivid creative format: in October 2010, the premises of Old Arsenal were adapted as much as possible for the convenience of visitors and exhibitors, thus enabling the realization of versatile cultural and artistic projects. The architectural and spatial concept of the complex allows for arranging large-scale art projects, exhibitions, presentations, charity balls, and more. The total area of the Mystetskyi Arsenal building is 50,000 sq m.

Photo: Mystetskyi Arsenal National Cultural-Art and Museum Complex. Courtesy ARSENALE.


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