The third edition of Land Art Mongolia / LAM 360°, taking place in August 2014, will be guided by the theme “men and animals”.

Photo: Courtesy Land Art Mongolia

Entry submission:
Abstracts of 700 words or less.
Please note that abstracts for essays over the limit will bedisqualified.

Extended Deadline: Wednesday, October 30, 2013!!!

Theme: Land Art in the context of the relationship of men and animals

Publication in the biennialʼs catalogue due August 2014,
and/or presentation at the biennialʼs symposium August 2014,
in Ulaanbataar

Contact: papers@landartmongolia.com
Accepted papers will be announced: by December 20, 2013

Land Art Mongolia / LAM 360° focuses on Land Art as one possible form of spatial and outdoor visualization of the relations between nature, culture, and social practices. It promotes freedom of expression in joining people and institutions from all sectors of Mongolian society by meshing their respective backgrounds and perspectives through collaborations of local, regional and international scope. By doing so LAM 360° would like to incite an advanced discourse on cultural and social policy which will take up aspects of environmental and social sustainability. A strong emphasis on the most vulnerable sectors of society in Mongolia will be put in a broader perspective of cultural change in Central Asia.

Over the last decades, Mongolia has mastered an unparalleled political, economical and social transition, apparent in the shift of Mongol identity between past and present: blending a rich and ancient nomadic heritage with all the advances of modern societies. Wedged between Russia and China with a particularly deep rooted connection with the land bearing both scarcity and mineral riches, its landlocked territory is most suitable for the radical rethinking of the relationship between Land Art and socio-political agency brought forward by sustainable developments.

It is one of the goals of the biennial to relate this very special and specific geographical environment to the level of art. This comprises to sustain and stress out the diverse cultural approaches as well as strengthen the appreciation of cultural diversity and facilitate nomadic life within the Mongolian society. Both Mongolian artists and artists from abroad benefit through exchange and participation. The biennial offers an international platform for presenting site-specific artworks.

It is intended that the artworks will remain permanently in situ. It will be possible at a later point, to visit the different sites in a guided exhibition tour and thus experience permanent exhibits throughout the country. Accompanying the exhibition, a public symposium will bring together different speakers (Mongolian and foreign) reflecting and discussing fundamental questions regarding the biennialʼs specific theme, the various relationships of people and animals. A publication will summarize the contributions, conclusions, and open questions of the symposium, complemented by different articles and a full documentation of the artistic projects.

Theme of 3rd Land Art Mongolia / LAM 360°

As the third edition of Land Art Mongolia / LAM 360°, taking place in August 2014, will be guided by the theme “men and animals”, sensitive topics such as overgrazing, desertification, poaching and illegal wildlife trade, decentralization and general questions on animal husbandry from the perspective of different species are motivating this discussion:

About 40% of the Mongolian population lives out in the steppe in nomadic groups or little villages (sum). These people, living with and from the nature in a dense and sensitive ecological balance represent the most vulnerable sector of the society. To enhance and protect nomad livelihoods and ensure the conservation of nature and the means of life for future generations, respectful understanding must be the starting point. The animal per capita indicator in Mongolia is one of the highest worldwide. The most important aspects of participation in Lawmaking process for the nomadic people are the conditions that affect the animal husbandry. Thus Land Art Mongolia / LAM 360° seeks to enhance the awareness for these concerns while presenting a platform for cultural reflection and participation. Furthermore, illegal wildlife trade and  export to China is a major problem of animal protection in Mongolia and directly related to respect, knowledge and wealth.

Without limiting the 3rd edition of Land Art Mongolia to the approaches and perspectives roughly outlined above, we particularly encourage papers, essays and artists texts that question dependencies between and among people and animals and connect their arguments to living conditions in Mongolia. We particularly welcome analysis which crosses and critically reviews Western attitudes towards animal life.

Application for the prize is open to the public.