The 2013 edition of the Biennale de Curitiba will feature a core unpublished curatorial collective called Young Award Trustees.

Stephanie Dahn Batista. Photo: Bienal de Curitiba

Coordinated by Stephanie Dahn Batista, the proposals of the group of young curators occupy spaces in the Museum of the City of Curitiba Photography, Museum of the City of Curitiba Engraving, Museum of Contemporary Art of Paraná / Casa Andrade Muricy and Municipal Museum of Art – Muma.

A team of young curators selected by the curatorial coordinator is already working and is composed of: Angelo Light, Deborah Santiago, Kamilla and Renan Araujo Nunes.

With roots in the conceptual figure fractal , the team of young curators is working in small groups and collectively: the divided parts are similar to the original figure of all about their properties, says the curatorial coordinator Setphanie Dahn Batista. According to the coordinator, “the collective fractal process questions the single authority of the curator, creating multiple curatorial cells and is meant as a discourse about the curatorial (…) that experiences the possible formats for a curatorial International Biennial.”

The selection of artists made by young curators together with the curatorial coordinator includes national and international artists.